1. Contractual Partner

The customer’s contractual partner is the “HRecruiting Ltd. Pty” Hereinafter referred to as “HRecruiting”.

2. Area of Application

For the contract between the customer and “HRecruiting” , these General Terms and Conditions of the “HRecruiting” exclusively apply.  Insofar as the customer’s terms and conditions deviate from General Terms and Conditions of “HRecruiting” in their entirety or partially, they are not subject matter of contract, also in the event that they have not been explicitly contradicted. This does not apply only if “HRecruiting” has consented to the deviating terms and conditions of the customer in written form.

3. Scope of Services and Payments   

The scope of the services offered as well the amount of the respective payments and their mode of payment to be rendered are as indicated in the pricing information located on the website, in connection with the description of the respective subject matter of contract in these Terms and Conditions.

All prices listed are net prices, and will be invoiced plus the currently valid value added tax (VAT). Invoices are due immediately without any deductions; any deviations hereof require an explicit written agreement.  Agreed terms of payment are always based on the creation date printed on the invoice.

4. General Regulation of Indemnity

HRecruiting” is only liable for damages that are based on malicious or grossly negligent behavior on part of “HRecruiting”, its legal representatives or vicarious agents, as long as warranted specifications or contract-relevant obligations are not involved.

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